Spanish banks can offer many opportunities for housing loans. What are the main points:

• The loan is granted in security for the purchased property
• The loan is issued for 10-20 years, at an interest rate of 1.2 - 3.5% (depending on the bank).
• Amount of loan - 50 - 100% of the appraised value of property.


We are addressing all the issues of housing credit in Spain: a fully documented accompany the whole process, the opening of the account and the rest, which is fully included in the expense of our commission.


You can choose two options of repayment: monthly and quarterly basis. For credit in Spain, you will need the following documents:


• Passport
• Income reference (earnings)


The Bank assesses the Property within 3-7 working days, in the next couple of weeks makes a decision on granting a loan. Further, the Bank shall transfer the full amount to the seller. Every month or quarter, depending on the terms of payment, the bank debited to repay the loan. In case of delay of payment is two to three months, the bank raises a loan or a court exempts housing.


In case of early repayment of the loan is usually provided for the payment by the buyer 1% commission. However, our company will allow you to avoid such a waste! We are working on particularly favorable terms with the Spanish banks, so paying off the loan early, you will not pay additional interest!


At the conclusion of a mortgage, you get an Act of the property registration.


Our experts will gladly help you to deal with all the legal features of credit and will answer all questions.

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