Legal aid

Deciding to buy property abroad, the first thing you face - is quite unfamiliar legislation and quite a different tax code. Next, you will be faced with the specifics of the market and the procedure of the transaction.


In this case, you will need qualified legal assistance professionals specializing in this area.


Also it is necessary to take into account that in some countries a foreigner the right of ownership is restricted to certain


Basically, the legal work begins after you select the corresponding property. At this stage, the examination and analysis of the pre-sale contract.


A lawyer will help determine the amount of taxes, the monthly cost of utilities, etc.


We can help you with all questions of the Property purchase will be fully legally accompany you throughout the transaction.


We offer a completely free support, you will not find almost none, because most of these services are hidden, and they suddenly come to light at registration. Our company takes a commission is only 3 to 5% of the scrip deal that includes all legal services rendered!

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